hellooo hi. I'm treb but in real life I'm Julian. I'm a shut-in guy that spends a lot of my time watching anime or playing video games if I'm not drawing or sleeping, and I'm currently a community college student. I'm kind of spacey and quiet but I also like not shutting the fuck up sometimes. I like dogs, coffee flavored candy, human physiology, and organizing my favorite things. also I like mechs and robots and when computers have thoughts and feelings. things I don't like are flies, stormy weather, and when people look directly at me.

I made this site as a place for me to express myself as freely as possible. I'm autistic and my words get trapped in my brain all the time and end up simplified when I talk, so I like that I have this website where I can come back and take as much time putting my thoughts together as I need to.

if you want to contact me elsewhere I am trebvorrrr on instagram (I'll link it later I'm tired lol)

NAME: julian, AKA treb
DOB: aug 21. 2004
PRONOUNS: he/it, vi/vim
FROM: US East coast computer


soul eater, code geass, fullmetal alchemist, mob psycho 100, blood blockade battlefront, bungou stray dogs, death note, baccano, noragami, cowboy bebop, clannad, choujin X, death parade, kaiba, the disastrous life of saiki K, parasyte: the maxim, the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, tsubasa reservoir chronicle, mushishi, sgt frog, serial experiments lain


kingdom hearts, left 4 dead 2, team fortress 2, half-life, mario RPGs, sonic games, danganronpa, your turn to die, witch's heart, ultrakill, ib, undertale, yume nikki


metalocalypse, aqua teen hunger force, moral orel, arcane, invader zim, teenage mutant ninja turtles


kenshi yonezu, syudou, abu-se-ken, SLAVE.V-V-R, kikuo, siinamota, nyanyannya, hikkieP, frog96, stomach book, whokilledxix, shinsei kamattechan, nine inch nails, tyler the creator, fax gang, left at london, babymetal, neupink, whatever's in ytpmvs idk
What Dere Type Are You? Which Durarara!! Character Are You? What Eevee Evolution Are You? Which Soul Eater Character Are You Most Like?


#me??? (somewhat)
I've been compared to a lot of white haired anime boys idk why this happens

my favorite characters :)

hiii hello hi hi hi :D
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