What is this thing?: so like. mob psycho 100 is a show full of characters who exhibit piles of autistic traits. and as such it's a show a lot of autistic people gravitate and feel connected to, myself included. and I have a special interest in human psychology/physiology that I'm only able to utilize to psychoanalyze my favorite characters and run diagnostics on them all the time because it's fun! for me! SO. I will be doing exactly that here. I will be listing traits that are shown within the series itself, not headcanons though I might put those somewhere eventually. I will be listing every piece of the diagnostic criteria as it is written in the DSM-5. This isn't a set in stone article or anything; I'm not good enough with words for that. This will be edited over time if I ever find other things in the series I want to add (I rewatch on a regular basis...augh)

TO CLARIFY: Nobody in mob psycho 100 is canonically autistic. No character is ever directly stated to be on the spectrum, and I doubt ONE was actually writing any of these characters with it in mind specifically. so I will also not be referring to any of them as 'autistic-coded' since coding is based on the writer's intention. Each character I will write about however absolutely exhibit behavior that can easily be read as autistic, to the point that tons of fans out there do. So that's what I'm getting into. If you want to come to my house and tell me they aren't autistic for whatever reason, you wouldn't technically be wrong but also I'd ask you why you feel so strongly about it that you outwardly reject this idea. also I would kill you. anyways enjoy my vision.