I know now, without a doubt, that Kingdom Hearts is light!

Kingdom Hearts is a series of RPGs by Square Enix that exploded my brain. I was introduced to the series when Kingdom Hearts III came out and at the time I didn't care about ANY of the lore all that mattered to me was that sora donald and goofy were going on cool adventures together. Now I actually care about other characters and lore and I have to suffer the consequences by being insane.

my favorite game in the series is 358/2 days. this game makes me SOOOOO bawling my eyes out rolling across the floor. I love axel, roxas, and xion's friendship and their story it's so tragic and twists my brain I love these characters and the everything. I own both the novel and the game!

my second favorite is either chain of memories or kingdom hearts III. kh3 introduced me to the franchise, and I like the worlds sora goes to and how everyone kind of joins together as a team finally (lol). but I loovve chain of memories's entire story and I'm just a big organization 13 enjoyer. they are silly and fun to me. in my head.

kingdom hearts ost is so crazyyyy in there listen to wave of darkness NOW