Bungo Stray Dogs ("Literary Stray Dogs") is a manga series written by Kafka Asagiri and illustrated by Sango Harukawa beginning in December 2012 and still ongoing, with an anime adaptation produced by Studio Bones that began in 2016. There are also several light novels, anthologies, stage plays, and 2 movies!
The story follows members of the Armed Detective Agency, an agency made up of people with supernatural abilities who work to protect Yokohama and handle cases that police and military cannot.
something interesting about this series is the fact that every major character share their names with real world authors, with their abilities being based on books they've written (Edgar Allan Poe and his ability Black Cat in the Rue Morgue, for example)

BSD is probably my favorite manga, and the one series I go out of my way to collect volumes of LOL. I like a lot of the characters and it's very interesting!! series that makes me think and use my brain sometimes

What do I love most about BSD?
I am. very attached to this cast of characters LOL I feel like I cannot properly put this into words...the thing is the people in this series are very very complex and have very unique um. philosophies? very differing beliefs and ways of living life. they're all finding their places and trying to be people somehow but everybody has different ideas of what being a person really means. I really like how the series handles all the ways the characters view themselves and others because of their backgrounds, everybody is complicated and I love it a lot it means very much to me personally AHRBLABAH. and while it's a very serious and often very dramatic series it's very silly too. everyone's kind of stupid and it rules. ALSO THE SOUNDTRACK IS VERY VERY GOOD

Anime VS Manga
What I will say about this is that I love the manga a LOT it's my beloved I adore the art style, and there's a lot of weight to the more psychological themes of the series. I do tend to recommend the anime first, but there is a lot left out and it leans more into the cool action stuff of the series...most people I know are drawn to that so the way I go about it is very "if you watch the anime and have fun with it and want to know more about this world go read the manga NEOWWW" and also. about the anime... the fisheye lens is scary....aaahh!!!!

BEAST is the title of the eighth bsd light novel and it's manga adaptation! The story takes place in an alternate timeline in which Atsushi works for the Dazai in the Port Mafia, while Akutagawa is made a member of the Armed Detective Agency by Odasaku.

This series primarily focuses on Atsushi and Akutagawa and certain weaknesses/flaws that they possess, and what happens when they have to confront them. It's VERY interesting to me to see what in this timeline has changed and what about each character stays the same because it's essential to who they are. This series doesn't make as much room for humor as the main bsd timeline, so the majority of it is uhh very heavy and violent (unsurprising for bsd, but it can feel like a lot. especially the manga, the visuals are great gives me chills).

favorite characters + their abilities :)

Atsushi Nakajima - Beast Beneath the Moonlight (atsushi shrine!!!)

Sigma - Unnamed (sigma shrine!!!)

Osamu Dazai - No Longer Human

Akiko Yosano - Thou Shalt Not Die

Kenji Miyazawa - Be Not Defeated by the Rain

Yukichi Fukuzawa - All Men Are Equal

Chuuya Nakahara - For the Tainted Sorrow

Edgar Allan Poe - Black Cat in the Rue Morgue

Sakunosuke Oda - Flawless

Mushitaro Oguri - The Perfect Crime

Nikolai Gogol - The Overcoat